How to Successfully Kill Someone and Get Away With It

By cyberneto

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to successfully kill someone and get away with it, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about killing, as well as the most common techniques you’ll use to do it.

Lure, track, or ambush

If you want to lure, track, or ambush someone to death, you need to learn some techniques. Ambushes are effective because they bypass the difficulties of getting close to your opponent. They also give you an enormous advantage in engagement. However, it’s easy to get trapped in an ambush. The best way to avoid an ambush is to keep away from the target area.

To avoid an ambush, it’s recommended that you stay out of confined spaces and watch your rear and front. You’ll also need to anticipate where your opponents will hide. This may include areas that are not as visible to you, like underground bunkers. In addition, you should be prepared to switch back and forth between your primary and secondary weapons. It will take some time, but switching will allow you to prevent your Flamethrower from sticking out and alert your enemies.

Another effective ambush tactic is the use of explosives. An Engineer, for example, can set up an ambush by baiting a potential enemy into the Sentry Gun. He’ll then be rewarded with 100% critical hits when attacking from behind.

Another tactic is the use of a Spy. He will resemble a higher priority enemy on your team, and will draw a lot of attention from your opponents. A Demoman can also set up his own ambush with a Stickybomb Launcher.

Finally, you can employ a Sniper. He has the speed to move quickly through an ambush, but he has a much smaller hitbox and is vulnerable up close. Because of this, it’s important that you stay alive when you’re baiting. While a Medic will heal your teammates, they’ll be unable to sustain themselves when they’re alone.

Ambush tactics vary between regimental-sized ambushes and hasty meeting engagements. But, they’re most useful for classes that rely on an element of surprise. And, since it’s impossible to predict when your opponent will attack, you must be prepared to move out and back as fast as possible when you enter an ambush. Whether you’re a Scout, a Sniper, or a Medic, it’s important that you remain alive when you’re baiting.

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