How to Play 7-11 Streets Dice

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The game of street dice can be a lot of fun, and you may even find yourself addicted to it. But there are certain rules you need to follow, as well as some interesting side bets you can make. You’ll also find out what the origins of the game are, and how you can get the best payouts.


Street Dice is a dice game that involves rolling two six-sided dice. In some versions, players place bets on whether the rolled combination will be seven, eleven, or two. There are many variations of this popular gambling game, which can be played with a variety of combinations of players. The rules are fairly simple and the goal is to place bets on dice combinations that will win.

Players can bet on either their own roll or on the roll of another player. A shooter, or person who will be the first to throw the dice, makes a bet before throwing the dice. After making his or her bet, other players can then make bets on the other side of the line, or bet on the opposite option to the shooter’s bet.

Before playing, all players must identify themselves. It is best to play with a few friends. This will help you learn the rules and make the game more fun.

The first player to roll seven or eleven wins. When this happens, the player who rolled that number must drink again. If that player isn’t available, the other player can pick up a drink.

To start the game, the shooter rolls the dice. Then, the other players can place bets on whether or not the player will roll seven or eleven.

The first roll of the dice is called the “come out roll.” Any other roll, including seven or eleven, can establish a point. If the shooter doesn’t roll the point, the other players lose their bet.

The next roll, known as the “Set the Point roll,” determines the number of wagers that will be placed. The shooter can choose to roll again before the point is rolled, and the shooter can reduce the bet if there aren’t enough wagers to cover the initial bet.

If a player rolled a seven or eleven on the come out roll, the player can bet on whether or not the next player will pick up a drink. Other players can then bet on the result of the second roll, the third roll, or the fourth roll.

Side bets

A street dice game requires a few key items for players to win. This includes a shooter, a set of two dice, a backstop, and a boxman to keep the peace. The aforementioned boxman is responsible for monitoring and settling disputes, while the aforementioned two dealers manage the tabletop on each side.

For instance, the most successful roll of the dice is a matter of timing. The more you play the more savvy you will become, which is great if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like getting in the way. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to go hog wild on the board. In fact, you may be better off limiting your bets to the tame.

For example, there are three side bets you can make, all of which have a reasonable chance of winning. In particular, the odds of hitting a point or a 7 on the pass line are a good bet. These bets are often accompanied by some pretty sweet handshake deals. If you can’t handle your luck, you can make the wiser decision to roll the dice on the other side of the table.

The best part about this type of dice game is that you don’t have to go to Vegas to try it out. As you can imagine, playing this game with friends is a lot of fun. After all, this is an old school gambling gimmick that hasn’t gone out of fashion. With some patience and the right partners, you can become the next high roller in your neighborhood. Make sure to tell your pals to bet the house, though! And if you’re lucky, you might just be the winner of the grand prize. Just be sure to check out a few casinos to find the perfect one for you. Be sure to tell your buddies to check it out next time they visit your hometown! You never know, they might just like it as much as you do.

One last thing to mention is that the street dice name is a bit of a misnomer. It’s actually a form of craps.


If you have been playing street dice, you may have noticed that there are different ways to make payouts. One of these methods is the pass bet. This bet is placed before the “Set the Point” roll, and is won if the shooter throws seven or eleven.

A player can also make a Lay bet. This bet is also a wager that is active throughout the entire round. These are two of the most popular methods to make payouts.

The Pass bet is the opposite of the Lay bet. If the shooter throws two or twelve, the pass bet is lost. But if the shooter throws seven or 11, the pass bet wins even cash.

In order to make payouts, the dealer will need to exaggerate the movement of the dice when making changes. They will also need to collect losing bets. As a result, it is important to understand the rules of the game, so you can be sure to take advantage of the odds and win.

There are also many side bets that are available. You can make bets on almost anything, from the shooter’s roll to the result of the other players’ roll. Make sure you have a way to keep track of these bets.

For the most part, the payouts for all these bets are at true odds. However, if you are not the shooter, you should avoid placing huge bets on a roll that is unlikely to result in a craps out. Alternatively, you can wait until the shooter makes a roll before committing to a large bet.

Street dice is a fun game to play with friends. You can also play the game outdoors. To start, you need two dice and a backstop. Your goal is to make winning combinations.

Once you have your two dice, you can start betting on the results of the dice. Remember, lying about the outcome of the dice is illegal. It is best to keep your hands to yourself while you are playing street dice.

Whether you are playing on a sidewalk or in a casino, make sure you are aware of the rules. Street dice has been played for centuries and can be a lot of fun.

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