How to Know If a Gucci is Real

By Joyce VFM

Before you purchase a Gucci bag, you should be able to tell whether it is a genuine one by its serial number. Some bags that were manufactured before the 1980s did not have serial numbers, but others that were manufactured between 1979 and 1983 do have the trademark symbol. In addition, the first line of the serial number might contain dots or dashes instead of the trademark symbol. As long as you’re not tempted to purchase an imitation Gucci bag, serial numbers are a good sign of authenticity.


To tell whether a Gucci handbag is fake, check for the serial number on the bag. You can find this on a leather tag inside the bag. It should be located near the top of the bag. If you see an unfamiliar number, the bag may not be real.

A Gucci handbag will feel soft, so feel it first. You can also see if the bag has a dust bag. If the bag does not come with a dust bag, it is probably not a genuine Gucci. If it does, you should look for other signs of authenticity.

A real Gucci bag is made of the highest quality materials and features a distinctive design. Aside from the bag’s appearance, it’s important to check its construction. Don’t buy a fake Gucci handbag from a roadside stand. It’s unlikely that the seller has authentic Gucci bags.

Serial number tags are another easy way to tell if a handbag is fake. Modern Gucci bags usually feature a serial number with two rows of numbers, ranging from 10 to thirteen digits. The first row represents the style code, which should match the code on the receipt. The second row represents the supplier’s number. If the serial number tag is missing or not legible, it’s likely a fake.

You can also check for the “controllato” card on the bag. This information card is included with every authentic Gucci handbag. Authentic Gucci handbags will have this card, while counterfeits will lack it.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a Gucci bag is the stitching. A genuine Gucci bag will have even and consistent stitching and will not have loose threads. The stitching pattern on a genuine Gucci bag should also match the color of the leather.

A genuine Gucci handbag will be stitched with a precise pattern. However, the color of the thread may not match the color of the bag. The stitching should also be evenly spaced and free from gaps. If the stitching is uneven or there are gaps between the threads, it is a fake. Fraying is also another sign of a fake.

A real Gucci bag will have a serial number on the inside of the bag. A fake will not have a serial number. Real Gucci bags will also have a high-quality lining. Cheap lining fabrics are usually a sure sign of a fake. The lining should be smooth and not have any irregularities.

The stitching on a Gucci handbag should match the pattern on the outer leather. A real Gucci bag will have a serif font on the tag. The first line of numbers on a Gucci bag is five to seven digits long. The second line will contain four to six digits.

Controllato logo

To make sure you are purchasing an authentic Gucci handbag, make sure you look for the Controllato logo. This is a card that is found on the inside of the bag. It is grey in color and contains the Gucci logo and the word ‘controllato’ written in lowercase letters. On the outside, the Controllato logo is also printed on the bag. The card is also numbered from one to ten.

A Controllato card is included with every genuine Gucci handbag. It ensures that the bag has been inspected after its manufacture. It is also used to identify fake bags. While fakes might also come with a Controllato card, it doesn’t authenticate the bag.

Gucci handbags feature the brand name across the interior and exterior tags, as well as the dust bag. The font style used for the logo is distinctive. It reflects the company’s adherence to the highest standards in the manufacturing of its products. It is a luxury brand and not everyone can afford it. It conveys a sense of sophistication and status to the wearer. In addition, the brand’s logo is a clear indication that the wearer has good taste, is financially stable and demands the best. The material and production methods used by Gucci bags also reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and design.

The Controllato logo on a Gucci bag is a trademark that identifies the manufacturer of the bag. It is a small, circular design that contains the trademark symbol. It is also accompanied by the words’made in Italy’ in lowercase letters. This unique style of label makes Gucci a luxury brand and one of the most sought-after brands.


One of the most important ways to tell if a Gucci bag is authentic is the tag. The tags will contain the serial number and the Gucci logo. You should be careful to notice that these details aren’t identical on every bag. A fake handbag’s tag may have a different number or font.

Gucci bags are expensive. Buying a fake isn’t a good idea if you’re looking to save a few dollars. However, if you have your heart set on a Gucci bag, knowing how to tell if it’s real is an essential step in your shopping process. Don’t buy a Gucci from a roadside stand – they’re almost never real.

The stitching on a real Gucci bag should be even. A fake has a loose stitch or poorly sewn-on pieces. Also, the logo on a fake should be misshapen or in the wrong orientation. You should also check the interior for the serial number, which is often on the leather tag inside the bag.

The dust bag should also contain the Gucci name and logo. The brand’s logo should be in gold letters, and the belt should have a drawstring closure. The receipt should also have a Gucci address and contact information. An authentic Gucci belt should also contain a detailed description of the belt.

The controllato card is another way to identify a real Gucci bag. This card is usually included with the bag as a guarantee of authenticity. However, since the card is easily copied and reused, it should be regarded as a secondary marker in the authentication process.

Serial number

One of the easiest ways to identify fake Gucci handbags is to examine the serial number. The first line of numbers will usually have five to seven digits, and the second line will have four to six digits. These are both always numbers, and if you see them on a fake Gucci handbag, it probably isn’t real. However, there are other ways to identify fakes, including studying the leather tag.

When buying a Gucci handbag, the serial number will usually be printed on a leather patch, stitched down on all sides. The tag should be square or slightly vertical. However, real Gucci handbags from the 1990s will lack the signature logo or phrase “made in Italy” in capital letters. Instead, it will have the word “Gucci” inscribed in a similar font.

Besides the serial number, you should also look at the font. Most Gucci bags have Times New Roman font, but some fakes use wider, blunt font. So, if you see a serial number that looks a little too large, it might not be a genuine Gucci.

The serial number should be written in a traditional font. It should also contain letters and be legible in black and white. It can be between ten and thirteen digits long. The number should also have three lines in the center. Lastly, the serial number should be located on the interior of a wallet or on the back of a watch.

Once you have determined the model number, you can then check to see whether it is a genuine Gucci handbag. The serial number can also be verified with the QR code. If the bag has this code, it will be easier to determine whether it’s a genuine Gucci or a fake.

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