How to Find Out What Kind of Plane You Will Be on

By Joyce VFM

One way to find out what kind of plane you will fly on is to look at the schedule 48 hours before you fly. Most airlines don’t announce their schedule until 48 hours before you fly, so it’s important to double check before then. If you want to find out more about your flight, you can sign up for Katie’s daily email, “Wake-Up Call.”


If you’re planning to book a flight soon, you can easily find out what kind of plane you will be flying on by using a website like Seatmaestro or SeatGuru. These websites show you the different configurations of different planes and give you an idea of which seats are good to choose. Using these sites will also help you avoid getting seats with misaligned windows or those that are near bathroom facilities.

To find out the exact seat map of a plane, you can simply enter the airline’s name and flight number into the search box. After that, you’ll be presented with a seat map and other information. If you have a specific seat in mind, you can even search for it by using the airline’s official website.


SeatGuru also has a seat map for many airlines. By using it, you can find out which seats have the best view of the plane. This service is free and easy to use. Users of SeatGuru rate the site highly, despite some criticisms. The site claims to update its seat maps daily based on feedback from users. However, the system is notorious for evaluating good seats as bad and grading them accordingly. Almost every seat in economy class is considered to be bad.

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