How to Bet on Craps at the Casino

By Wike

Pass Line bets

Pass Line bets are the most common type of bet in Craps. This type of bet is simply a wager that the shooter will land a certain number (usually 7) on his come out roll. When this occurs, the bet is won. But when the dice lands on any of the other numbers, the bet is lost.

The Pass Line is an even money bet that pays out if the dice land on the number 7. If the dice land on 2, 3, or 12, the bet is lost. However, if the dice land on 7 or 11, the bet is won. You can also win by taking the Odds bet. For this bet, you place a $5 chip directly in front of the Pass Line.

Another type of bet is the Don’t Pass bet. This is similar to the Pass Line bet in that the odds pay the same, but this type of bet has no house edge. Instead, the bet pays out if the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12. It is unpopular at the table because it is a bet on a losing gambler. That is why most players stick with the Pass Line bet.

There are also several other bets that are available at the game. Some of these bets have a small house edge and offer large payouts. Other bets have a larger house edge but offer smaller payouts. The best bets are those that have a zero house edge. In general, the higher the house edge, the better the casino is at playing against you.

Before deciding to take the Odds bet, you should understand the rules and regulations for both the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass bets. If you don’t understand the rules, you might lose a lot of money. And the more you know about the odds, the more you will be able to bet and have a higher chance of winning.

When you are taking the Odds bet, you should make sure that there is a space between your bet and the Pass Line. The space should be two fingers wide. Putting more chips behind your original bet will help you to increase your payout. A small mark on the table will help you to know where the line is.

You should never bet the Pass Line without taking the Odds bet. The reason is simple: the house edge is lower when you are betting with the Pass Line.

Most experienced players stick with the Pass Line bet because it has the lowest house edge of any bet at the craps table. The Pass Line has a 1.41% house edge. While this is a relatively low percentage, it is still a large amount of money that a player could lose.

Pass Line bets are easy to place and have the smallest house edge of all the bets at the craps table. But you should only place the Pass Line bet if you can afford to lose it. If you are unable to afford to lose, you should stick with the Don’t Pass bet.

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