How to Auto Host on Twitch

By Joyce VFM

The Auto Host feature of Twitch allows you to keep your channel live even when you’re not online. To enable it, go to the Channel Settings section of your channel. On the right side, click on Customize. From there, you’ll see a window with the Featured Content section. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and find the Auto Hosting option.

Create a shortlist of channels

One way to automate hosting on Twitch is to create a shortlist of channels that you want to watch. You can choose to host one or more of these channels at random or by priority. There is no limit to how many channels you can auto-host, though it is recommended that you choose at least ten, since this will give you 40 hours of uptime each week.

Another benefit of auto hosting on Twitch is the fact that it can help you reclaim offline channels. While you can opt not to host certain channels, auto hosting helps you reclaim lost traffic by spreading your fans’ love to fellow streamers. To enable auto hosting on Twitch, simply choose the option in the settings of the channels you want to auto-host.

Once you’ve selected the channels you want to auto-host, you need to set up the setting for them. To do this, sign in to your Twitch account and select the settings tab. Then, select the channel and videos tab. After enabling auto hosting, you can turn on or off the feature for each channel.

Auto-hosted content can increase your channel’s watch time by as much as 10%. The more popular your channel is, the more it can benefit from auto-hosting. It will replace your video player with a banner at the top of the channel page, alerting viewers to watch the hosted content. It will also include a button for viewers to return to the offline video screen or the channel’s info area.

Once auto-hosting is set, you can always stop it and manually select another channel to host. The settings of auto-hosting on Twitch allow you to change your auto-host list up to three times a day. A channel can also be disabled at any time by removing it from the list.

Auto-hosted channels are often a great option if you’re a newer to the live-streaming world. These channels can automatically be featured on your channel’s profile when you are offline. This way, you can easily feature your favorite creators on your channel, even when you’re busy.

Enable auto-hosting

Enabling auto-hosting on Twitch can help you play content from related channels while you’re offline. To do this, visit your Twitch account page and click the Autohost Settings button. Here you’ll find a drop-down menu with a few options. You can choose whether you want your channel to be auto-hosted first, in order of priority, or randomly. Once you’ve selected the auto-hosting option, the channels you wish to host will appear.

Auto-hosting can fail for various reasons, and you can manually select another channel to continue streaming. Once you’ve selected another channel, Twitch will resume auto-hosting. If you wish to disable auto-hosting, however, you must un-check the box for the channel you’re hosting.

Creating a list of favorite channels is the first step. The list should include at least 10 channels that you regularly watch and follow. Once you’ve selected a few, you can begin hosting your favorite channels. If you’ve only recently set up your channel, it’s best to select a small group of channels to make auto-hosting easier.

After you’ve created your list of auto-hosting channels, you can customize the settings for your streamers. You can select random streamers, choose streamers by order of popularity, or give priority to a certain streamer if you’re unavailable. You can set a default time for the hosting process or specify a custom period of time before auto-hosting begins.

After creating your channel, you can use the host command on your smartphone. It’s nearly identical to the desktop method. You’ll need to download the Twitch app from the Play Store or App Store. To use the host command, simply open the Twitch application, log in and press the avatar. Press “/host” to host or unhost your channel. You’ll receive a pop-up window.

Enabling auto-hosting is an easy way to get your content noticed by your friends and followers. It’s a great way to build your community and increase watch time. You can also sign up for Twitch Auto Host Team, a paid service that will help you grow your channel and your community. This service can get you auto-hosting from hundreds of other streamers and their followers.

Grow your viewership

Auto hosting is a powerful feature on Twitch that will allow you to expand your viewership. The service allows you to broadcast your videos from your PC or mobile device. However, it has a few limitations. First of all, you can only host one channel at a time and only three in a 30 minute period. Moreover, you can still interact with viewers through chat while you are not live.

You can also opt to auto-host other Twitch users. You can do this through your user settings. Click on your own icon to access your settings. Here you can set your featured content, channel, and videos. Once you’ve completed the settings, click on auto-hosting to activate it.

The next time you auto-host someone, make sure you get the username correct. This helps other viewers find you. If the person is not offering the kind of content you’re looking for, you can un-host them from your channel. You can also delete them from your list by typing “/unhost” into the chat window. Lastly, if you accidentally start hosting someone else, make sure that you un-host them.

The good news about auto-hosting is that you’ll be able to continue to stream on your channel, even when you’re not live. This feature allows you to continue to stream your videos and also allows you to customize your channel to suit your audience. It’s an excellent way to grow your viewership on Twitch.

Another benefit of auto-hosting on Twitch is that it will keep your community strong. If you don’t go live, viewers will switch to other streams, which will help your channel grow. Additionally, auto-hosting will help you build relationships with other Twitch users.

In addition to auto-hosting, you can also manually host your channel. You can turn this feature on or off with a /unhost command. You can also manually disable the auto-hosting feature in your channel settings, and then re-enable the auto-hosting option when you want to be in the host mode.

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