Buying iPhone Cases That Cover Screens

By cyberneto

iPhone cases do not always have to be bulky. In fact, you can get very thin and lightweight cases that provide decent protection for your phone. Here are some options to consider: Speck Ultra Hybrid Mag, Raptic Air, Terra Shield, and Raptic Protector. Each offers different benefits, but they all offer good protection.

Speck’s Ultra Hybrid Mag

The Ultra Hybrid Mag iPhone case is designed to protect your device from drops with its lightweight, slim profile and magnetic ring compatibility. It also features a raised bezel around the screen and camera, which keeps them safe from scratches. Available in black, white, or rose crystal, this case is compatible with MagSafe.

The Ultra Hybrid case is one of the best iPhone screen covers available at a good price. Its textured grips provide a firm hold and prevent the phone from slipping. The textured gripping design is complemented by the scratch resistant soft-touch surface, which makes handling the phone a pleasurable experience.

The Ultra Hybrid Mag is a thin case, measuring less than one millimeter in thickness. It features a protective lip around the screen, allowing you to place charging stands or mounts without worrying about them obstructing your screen. It also offers a MagSafe charging option for convenience.

Another case made by Speck is the Presidio. Featuring Armor Cloud technology, this case cushions your phone from drops up to thirteen feet. It also protects the camera and flash. Its case also has a deep lip that keeps the screen from touching flat surfaces. It also includes a film screen protector, which can help prevent scratches on the screen.

Spigen has a couple of cases designed for the iPhone. They are both made of plastic and feel similar. One case features a fold-out stand for your phone, and you can choose between a clear case and a thicker one with colored bands. The lip does not interfere with the sound, though, and the case provides a nice grip.

While the Ultra Hybrid Mag is a high-quality case, it’s not the cheapest one. However, it’s made by a trusted brand and has plenty of positive reviews. Make sure it fits your iPhone snugly, and all cutouts are lined up. The case should also be comfortable to hold, and it should provide adequate protection.

The case comes with a MagSafe compatibility. The case is made with a material that is 100% compostable. In addition to being lightweight, it’s also antibacterial. And it offers drop protection.

Speck’s Raptic Air

Speck’s Raptic Air iphone cases are a good option for a case that covers the screen and costs less than comparable premium cases. The Raptic Air is $30, while the Raptic Shield and Raptic Terrain are $40. These cases are made of biodegradable materials and come in various styles.

Raptic Air is a slim case that covers the iPhone screen. It also offers good protection from drops up to thirteen feet. The case has rubber on the edges, which cushions the impact of a fall and protects the phone screen from cracks. It also has a special Microban coating that helps reduce the growth of bacteria by 99%. It also works well with wireless charging and doesn’t interfere with the phone’s antennae.

The Raptic Air is a slim case that protects the screen of your iPhone from drops. It feels like standard plastic, but it doesn’t add a ridiculous amount of bulk. It passes the Military Grade Drop Test, and is certified to withstand a 13-foot drop. The Raptic case’s design also includes a dual layer of soft rubber bubbles and a raised front bezel.

Raptic Air is Spigen’s thinnest case yet, and is a popular choice for rugged use. It offers antimicrobial protection and has rounded edges, making it ideal for both the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It’s also compatible with the MagSafe magnetic connector, making it a great option for protecting the screen from scratches.

Raptic Air iPhone case is made of high-quality materials. It features genuine full-grain leather on the back and protects the phone from scratches. It also features microfiber on the inside to protect the screen and ensure it stays scratch-free. The case is also compatible with every MagSafe accessory.

Speck’s Clear Case for iPhone 12 is a slim and affordable option for a screen protector and case. Its hard shell back and flexible TPU bumper protect the iPhone from shocks and heavy drops. Its raised bezels prevent scratches from the screen and camera. It also supports MagSafe and other wireless charging solutions.

Speck’s Raptic Shield

The Raptic Shield iPhone case is a tough, protective case that offers military-grade shockproof protection. Its unique design also offers a clear backing, a machined aluminum frame, and antimicrobial protection. This case is available in a few colors and is priced around $20.

The Raptic Shield protects the screen from scratches and is inexpensive. This case is also designed to reflect the original iPhone’s design, which is a great thing to have when you are traveling. It also features a hands-free design that is useful when holding the phone. Moment produces some of the best iPhone lenses, and their Moush Limitless 4.0 case offers additional protection for the camera. Case-mate’s Soap Bubble case is another great option. It’s able to survive a ten-foot drop and offers antimicrobial protection.

Another case from Speck is the CandyShell, which comes in a variety of colors. It also features a raised bumper frame to absorb shock, which prevents internal components from being damaged. The case also includes Microban antimicrobial protection, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria on the phone.

While the Raptic Shield iPhone case covers screen, it also offers excellent protection against drops. It has been tested by the U.K.’s National Physical Laboratory and is rated to protect the phone against falls of up to 12 feet. The case’s hard PC construction also resists scratches and incorporates a self-healing material and self-cleaning coating. Although it’s not as protective as the Raptic Shield case, it’s still cheap and durable enough to protect the screen.

If you’re on a budget, the Clear Case for iPhone 12 also offers solid protection. Made of a soft TPU bumper and a hard Polycarbonate back, this case will protect your device from heavy drops. Its raised edges will also prevent scratches on your phone’s camera and screen. This case is also compatible with wireless charging and offers two screen protectors.

This iPhone case offers great shock absorption and features a beveled edge design. It is also certified for drops of up to 13 feet. And unlike many other cases, this case is made from recycled and 52% plant-based materials. You can get one for around $30, and it offers respectable protection for your phone’s screen.

Speck’s Terra Shield

The ShieldView screen protector from Speck protects the flat part of the iPhone’s display. Its hardness rating is 9H and resists shattering. It is also made of low-reflection glass, preventing scratches and fingerprints. Unlike many other screen protectors, it does not affect touch sensitivity. The case is designed to protect the screen without detracting from the look of the iPhone. It is available in several different styles.

Another screen protector that protects the iPhone screen is the Ghostek Covert 6 Case. It features a slim and minimalist design, avoiding bulk and adding unnecessary weight to the device. It also has raised edges that protect the camera and front camera. It also offers military-grade drop protection to eight feet. It also has a scratchproof, clear back and is compatible with Face ID and wireless charging.

The case’s design is eye-catching, and it features an integrated kickstand and is MagSafe compatible. It also offers a variety of patterns and colors, including landscape and animal prints. There are even smilies and flowers, which will add a splash of color to your phone. The price is $30, and you can use the AppleInsider discount code AI30 to save 30% off your purchase.

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