Apple Car Key Compatible Cars

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Not all cars can be Apple Car Key compatible. However, it is possible to get one for a number of popular brands. These brands include Mercedes-Benz, Kia, and even Genesis. Getting an Apple Car Key for your car will allow you to use your iPhone to unlock your car. The best part is that you can share the CarKey with friends. It also allows you to limit access to the car. You can even use the CarKey if your phone dies or you don’t have a signal for up to five hours. You can also disable the CarKey through iCloud if you ever need to.


The BMW Digital Key is an innovative car key solution that works on iPhones. It stores a virtual car key in the iPhone’s Wallet app, where you can also store your airline boarding pass and Apple Pay credit card information. The key can be protected by either Touch ID or Face ID. It also supports Express Mode, which lets you use your iPhone without unlocking it.

The digital key can be shared by up to five users, allowing up to five people to have access to a car. It can also be set to restrict access to specific users. BMW is one of the many manufacturers that support this new technology. The BMW digital key is compatible with the Apple Watch. It can register iPhones for up to five hours after low battery shutoff, and is compatible with both the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

The Apple CarKey feature will work with most new BMW models. Some Hyundai Genesis and Kia models will also be supported. The new Apple CarKey technology will enable iPhone owners to start and lock their vehicles with the touch of a button. Apple demonstrated the functionality at an event held by the company. The feature will be available in 2021 for select BMW models.

The Apple Car Key will work with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. This technology is expected to be widely used in cars in the future, with most of the popular cars supporting it. The Apple Car Key will enable car owners to avoid carrying around keys, wallets, and cell phones while driving.


Apple’s CarPlay technology makes it possible to use your iPhone to unlock your Mercedes-Benz. The technology is compatible with the latest models of iPhones, including the iPhone XS and Series 5. You can pair your phone with a Mercedes-Benz using the app on your iPhone. Then, hold the iPhone close to the door handles to authenticate the digital key. You can also share the digital key with up to five people. In addition, you can set restrictions on how many people can access certain features of the car, including top speed, radio volume, and power.

Apple CarPlay for Mercedes-Benz comes with a number of features, from navigation to turn-by-turn directions. It also allows you to use Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, to make calls. You can also play music through Apple Music or search for radio stations and playlists. It’s compatible with most modern Mercedes-Benz models, including the new 2021 models. Apple CarPlay will allow you to lock and unlock your vehicle with a single tap, and it will function even if the iPhone battery dies.

If you’re using Apple’s CarPlay technology, you’ll need an iPhone XS or later, iOS 13.4, and an Apple Watch Series 5 or later. You’ll need a passcode to sign up for the app, and the app will reset your device. Once it’s back up, you can pair your car with the iPhone using the Apple CarPlay app. After pairing, you can open the app for your car manufacturer. Next, place the iPhone on the car’s key reader and wait for the pairing process to complete.

Apple is partnering with various automakers to bring its Car Key to the general public. The program may be factory-installed or available aftermarket, depending on the car model. Apple CarKey will be compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It will be available with the next version of iOS in September 2021 and will be integrated with Apple’s Wallet.


A new list of compatible cars for Apple’s digital car key has been released, and it includes the Kia Niro, Hyundai G90, and all-electric Genesis GV60. The news was first reported by MacRumors, which noticed a new symbol next to each of the three vehicles listed on Apple’s website. The new symbol indicates that these cars will soon be compatible with the Apple car key.

Initially, the Apple car key feature was only available on BMW cars, but it has since been expanded to include Kia and Genesis models. While the technology has been available for some time, there are still a few things that you need to know before you can start using it in your car. First of all, you should make sure that your car is compatible with Apple’s system. Once it is, the app will scan the car’s key code and allow you to unlock and start the car.

Apple and BMW have teamed up with the Car Connectivity Consortium, a global standard-setting organization, to make the iPhone and iPad compatible with Apple’s Digital Key. As a result, the new technology will work in conjunction with the Apple Wallet app and BMW vehicles. Tech enthusiasts expect other car manufacturers to follow suit.

The new technology will make it easier for you to find your keys even if you’re not at home. This technology can help you lock and unlock your vehicle using your compatible iPhone, and it works up to five hours after the battery is drained. This is an excellent feature for busy people. If you’re constantly losing your keys, this gadget can help you avoid this headache!


Hyundai’s new line of cars, the Genesis, will be compatible with Apple’s car key technology. The company has not publicly announced when or where this technology will be available for purchase. However, it has hinted that it will be available in the future. Apple’s iOS 15 configuration file mentions “Genesis” as one of the “partners” that will support its digital key technology. For now, this feature is only available for Genesis models in Korea, but is expected to roll out to other regions once the vehicle launches.

Genesis’ Digital Key features a new NFC touch function that allows you to unlock the car without having your phone out. It works with select Apple and Samsung phones and is compatible with Apple car key technology. If you have an older model of Genesis, you can still use the Apple car key system by connecting the key to the car with the phone. The Digital Key also allows you to unlock the car from the inside by simply holding the door handle with your smartphone and pressing the start button.

Apple’s car key system is also compatible with Kia vehicles. The Korean automaker did not respond to requests for comment. Kia has said that the digital key system will be available in the Niro in 2023. The company also has not released any plans for a nationwide rollout yet, but has said that it has been working with manufacturers to make their car keys compatible with Apple’s digital car key system.

The technology originally was only available for BMW models, but Kia and Genesis have now made their cars compatible with the system. Since then, the list of supported brands has remained relatively static, with only a few models from each brand added to the lineup. As of the time of writing, the 2022 Genesis G90 and GV60 sedans have both been confirmed as Apple Car Key compatible.


If you own a Hyundai, chances are you’re aware of its DigitalCarKey technology. This new technology allows you to start and unlock your car using your smartphone. It works on select Samsung phones and Apple watches. In order to pair with your car, you first need to place your phone on a wireless charger. After pairing, you can register your phone as your primary key. Note: the sequence of steps differs depending on your car’s model.

A digital car key is available for most Hyundai models. Digital keys can be programmed for up to four different phones and can be used in conjunction with the car’s key fob. They work similarly to Apple’s CarKey and use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to detect a smartphone’s proximity.

The Apple CarKey app is also compatible with Hyundai digital keys. However, you need a compatible smartphone for the digital car key to work. If your smartphone doesn’t support Bluetooth, your car key will not work. The app is available on Apple’s app store. But you must be careful before downloading it.

In addition to Hyundai, BYD and Kia will also support Apple Pay. BYD is a Chinese automaker that has been trying to expand its global presence. While the aforementioned brands are not technically part of the Hyundai group, they are closely related. The latter has also recently made the transition to electric cars. In the United States, you can expect many Hyundai models to be compatible with digital car keys by the summer.

Apple Car Key is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch Series 5. In addition, it is compatible with many other motor vehicle brands. With more manufacturers joining the Car Connectivity Consortium, it’s possible that more carmakers will follow suit and release cars with digital key compatibility.

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